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Dress Code


Hunter green or white shirt (oxford or knit with collar; no exposed labels or logos). uniform original khaki or navy blue pants (can be pleated or not pleated, cuffed, or hemmed) no exposed labels or logos, or shorts (not more than 3 inches above the knee).


Hunter green or white blouse (oxford, knit, or broadcloth) with collar (no exposed labels or logos), uniform original khaki or navy blue pants or shorts (can be pleated or not pleated, cuffed or hemmed) no exposed labels or logos. Approved plaid, original khaki, or navy blue skirts, skorts, jumpers (with blouse) or shorts (not more than 3 inches above the knee).


Must be visible—only white, original khaki, hunter green or navy blue with no logos. Leggings are not allowed.


Thongs, slippers, sandals, flip-flops, or backless shoes are not allowed. Croc-style shoes may be worn only if they are the lace –up style.


Must be plain and solid leather or fabric (Brown, black, or navy blue). No decorations are allowed on belts (such as spikes, studs, rivets, logos, monogramming, or large buckles). The buckle must be plain. Pants must have belt loops worn in them.


Worn at the waist – no sagging or “low-riders”. No oversized or baggy or oversized clothing is allowed.


Must be worn appropriately and tucked in properly with belt loops visible. Turtlenecks shall be white or hunter green (no logos) and worn with a uniform shirt. Only the top two buttons may be unbuttoned


Must be white only with no scripts or graphics.

Seasonal clothing

Outerwear should be mid-thigh or higher and open the length of the front by snapping, buttoning, or zipping. No emblems or logos will be allowed except for school approved club, spirit, or letter jackets. Sweater or vests, if worn, must be either hunter green or white and open the length of the front. Uniform shirt collar must be visible under a sweater or vest. For the 2008-2009 school year, outerwear will be either navy blue, hunter green, or school approved spirit, club, or letter jacket.


Earrings are permitted for females only; one pair of stud earrings is permitted in the lower lobe only; dandling (or loop) earrings are allowed in ear lobes at school. Visible body piercing is not permitted (i.e. nose, lip, or brow). Students may not wear visible chain or necklace. Bracelets or watches may not disturb the learning environment (no sweatbands, rivets, studs, spikes, etc., are allowed). The principle may request the “grills” be removed if they disturb the learning environment.


Only naturally-occurring hair colors are permitted (black, brunette, auburn, or blond-natural or dyed). Any student bleaching his/her hair must color the hair to the natural color if he/she grows the hair out. Hairstyles that are bizarre and draw attention are not permitted. Sideburns may extend to the lobe of the ears. Beards are unacceptable. Mustaches, neatly trimmed, may not go past the corner of the mouth. Hats or caps are not permitted.

Maternity clothing

Will be reasonable. Tops do not have to be tucked. Regular shirts must be worn tucked in as long as possible.

Religious clothing

Must be approved by the superintendent.


That obscene or deemed inappropriate must be covered.


Students should not attach key chains or slip-on toys to their clothing, binders, or book sacks. Toys are a distraction at school. Students should not write on themselves or other students. The teacher may send the student to the bathroom to clean the skin and issue an unexcused tardy or discipline note.

Personal grooming needs (combing of hair, adjusting belts, tucking of shirts, etc.) must be handled in the restroom- not in public.

Students will be asked to remove prohibited items such as earrings, necklaces, and unapproved jackets. These items may be taken by school officials and returned to the student or his/her parents at the end of the day. A student may not “take a note” to continue to wear the prohibited items. If the student refuses to remove the item, he will be sent to the office for compliance.

Transfer students have seven days (one calendar week) to comply with this policy.

 Casual Dress Days

        Students may wear their own shirts, pants, or skirts. All other uniform rules apply. If uniform clothing is worn, all regular ruled apply. Jeans may not have holes in them. The office reserves the right to determine if clothing is inappropriate. If a student is not in compliance, he/she will call home for appropriate clothing and may lose “casual dress” privileges for the year.

1.     All clothing should contain school-appropriate logos for the year.

2.     Jewelry will follow regular dress code guidelines

3.     Baggie pants the “low-ride” or “sag” are not allowed.

4.     Pajama pants, sleep pants, or doctor pants are not allowed.

5.     Swear pants or wind pants are not allowed.

6.     Girls should wear skirts and shorts of school-appropriate length.

7.     Girls may not wear sleeveless blouses. Low-cut tops, spaghetti strap tops. One-strap tops, or halter tops, the mid-section may not be exposed.

8.     Students must wear approved shoes; sandals, flip flops, potato shoes, backless shoes, “crocs” without laces, or slippers are not allowed.

9.     Pants may not have holes in them, and the must me hemmed.

10. Belts and buckles must follow the regular guidelines: see code.

11. SPIRIT DAYS-On these days students may wear the school approved spirit shirt with the remainder of an approved uniform. Regular pants are required. Shirts must be tucked in. The principal sets these days.

  Extra-Curricular Events/Field Trips

        Appropriateness of students conduct and dress at any extra-curricular activity at or sponsored by Jennings High School shall be determined by the principal and handled in a manner deemed appropriate by the principal. For field trips students may wear regular uniform attire or club T-shirt and regular skirt, shorts, or pants.


         Students will not be allowed in class without a proper uniform. The school will contact the parents or guardians and allow them to bring clothes to school. Until properly attired, the student may remain in timeout.

        A discipline note will be issued to the student for minor dress code infractions: no belt, logo on clothing, untucked or improperly tucked shirt, visible chain, pullover jacket, no socks, multiple earrings or loop earring, skirt or shirt too short, “sagging” pants below the natural waist, improper shoes, and inappropriate outwear.

        2008 marks the ninth year of uniform policy. Dress code violations are included in the discipline note system. When a student has received six (6) notes in a six-week period (for discipline or dress code violations), he/she will be assigned to alternative to Suspension (ATS) detention. If he/she receives nine (9) notes in the six-week period, he will be suspended from school for two days.