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Help Your College-Bound Students Plan for College Costs
Welcome back! After a much-needed break over the holidays, I am sure you are busy with students and families and Planning for college. I am writing to highlight a free college financial planning resource for your college-bound students and their families:
Plan For College on Its tools, tips, and financial literacy information are free, easy to use, and accessible
on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
College AheadSM Mobile App: An interactive experience for high school juniors and seniors for a step-by-step journey to college. Download for free from the Apple Store and Google Play.
College Planning Toolbox: A one stop destination for a suite of planning tools and budgeting calculators. When students register for their free account, they have access to:
§  Scholarship Search by Sallie Mae: Matches students with a database of more than 3 million scholarships worth up to $18 billion.
§  College Planning CalculatorSM: Helps families create a personal financial plan to save and pay for college.
§  A monthly $1,000 drawing to help pay for college*.
  • A saved FAFSA stays on the system for 45 days.   Students who have started their FAFSA, saved it, but not submitted it will lose their information after 45 days and must start over.  Let’s encourage students and parents to make submission of the FAFSA a top priority! 
  • askLela’s $1,000 Monthly FAFSA Completion Scholarship – Seniors in Louisiana have the opportunity to enter a monthly scholarship drawing for completing and submitting their FAFSA!  Lela will award a $1,000 scholarship once a month by random drawing.   Seniors only need to enter the drawing once.  Seniors may complete their FAFSA today at and enter for their chance to win a $1,000 scholarship at
  • askLela’s $1,000 Quarterly Scholarship – All Louisiana seniors may enter for the quarterly drawing for a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship.  Please enter at
  • Check out Lela’s new Parent Guide for Planning and Paying for College. Lela is proud to share this new publication specifically geared for parents.  Please feel free to forward this link to the parents of your seniors.
We know your schedule stays very busy – especially with testing coming up soon!  We want to help lighten your load.  If students or parents have questions about college, FAFSA, financial aid, etc. – just have them contact us at  or on our FAFSA HELPline (844) GO FAFSA or (844) 463-2372!  We will be happy to assist them! 
LSU is very excited to announce the new Louisiana Tiger Legacy Scholarships for your seniors this year who will be incoming freshmen entering LSU for fall 2017! Below are the criteria and award amounts:
Criteria and Award
·       Residency Requirement: Louisiana resident.
·       Legacy Requirement: parent graduated from the LSU Flagship Campus or is currently employed at the LSU Flagship Campus (Baton Rouge.)
·       Test Score Requirement (ACT, new SAT, or old SAT): Please see below:
Award Levels
ACT Composite Minimum
New SAT Total Score Minimum
Old SAT CR+M Score Minimum
Award per Year*
* for eight semesters.
This award can be combined with most other LSU scholarships.
2016 National Rice Month Scholarship


Wendy's High School Heisman Scholarship (senior athletes/spirit team members with 3.0 or higher GPA) -
     October 3, 2016
*** A 300 word essay is required for the Zigler. Applicant may write on a topic of his or her choice. ***
Complete your FAFSA today. This is the one application needed for TOPS, pell grants, and federal student loans. 
Wendy's Heisman for Seniors 2018